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Give your eyebrows and eye line the special attention they need and make them beautiful and pleasing to the eyes on a regular basis. Give your beautiful eyebrows and eyeliner an upward boost using the Amiwon Eyeliner and Eyebrow collections.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Amiwon Internet webpage, home to Amiwon Permanent makeup and accessories.

After completing a seven-month permanent makeup course in California, USA in 1984, Mrs. JooHee opened Amiwon in Gangnam, Seoul and South Korea.

Prior to its operation in Los Angeles, California, Amiwon permanent makeup clinic was first opened in Seoul and South Korea in 1985. Mrs. JooHee started her business after completing a seven-month training course in permanent makeup in California. She moved her business to Los Angeles in 1994 after operating in Gangnam, Seoul and South Korea for nine years.

We have been offering professional permanent makeup services in Los Angeles and Seoul for the past 32 years. Our years of experience evident from the quality of services we provide sets us apart. Excellence, professionalism and top-notch services are what define us at Amiwon.

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