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JooHee, EK & Permanent Makeup

I still very much remember the awkward feeling I got when I first came in contact with the makeup machine in 1984 when I was still learning the rudiments of permanent makeup.
These days when I look at myself in the mirror, I no longer look like the young lady I was when I was in my twenties 32 years ago.
I am satisfied and proud that I have developed over the years to become the Amiwon permanent makeup expert that I am today and I will continue to proudly bear the title of permanent makeup expert.
The permanent makeup machine feels like a part of me, it feels like it is an extension of me, moving with dexterity and swiftness, it has become a part of me. When I look at the physical features of the guests and clients, their eyes and eyebrows, I imagine the permanent makeup integrating perfectly into their skin and performing aesthetic magic.
Choosing me as your permanent makeup artist is a decision you will never regret, as I will do my best to make you look your best and make you feel at home. Nobody does it better than JooHee the best permanent makeup artist.
Amiwon is the best permanent makeup store in Los Angeles and environs.



It seems as though everybody loves and has tattoos. These days, Athletes, Musicians, Actors and a host of others flaunt their temporary and permanent tattoos at the slightest opportunity. Animals are not left out of this trend.
A tattoo is a type of body modification where inks, dyes and pigments are used to make indelible or temporary designs on the dermis of the skin. Tattoos are dermal pigmentation that are used for decorative, symbolic or pictorial purposes. If made on humans, tattoos are for decorative purposes but if on animals, they are mainly for identification.


Although the word "tattooā€¯ was only recently added to our lexicon, studies show it has been in existence since the Stone Age (3300 B. C). New evidence from Archaeologists on the origin and practice of Tattoos have emerged. The result of their research suggests that Egyptian and Nubian mummies had marks on their bodies as early as 2000 B.C as against the 3300 B. C that was earlier reported.Further studies reveal that as early as 1000 B. C, People in Chinese communities had Tattoos on their bodies. Other cultures like the Greeks, Aztes, and Mayans used Tattoos.

While the origin of the word can be traced to Polynesia, the first documentation of the word is credited to Captain James Cook in his 1769 diary. According to research, it is said that English sailors who introduced and popularized this custom in Europe first got their tattoos on the Polynesia islands.
The reason for Tattoos now and then are the same. People draw Tattoos on their bodies because they feel it makes them beautiful and handsome. Others use them to show prestige or social stratification.
Experts in science, liberal arts, health, medicine, and cosmetology consider the ancient art of tattooing a highly professional occupation with different areas.
There are different areas within the tattooing profession that one can specialize in. One of such areas is called 'Micro-pigmentation.'
Micro pigmentation, tattoos, and body art have been performed on our bodies for a long time.
It is an area that requires special education and training and a combination of artistic and technical skill. In Micro Pigmentation, input determines the output. Therefore, to ensure that the final look of the inserted pigment is what you envisaged, you must pay attention to every little detail.


As a cosmetic technique, permanent makeup uses permanent Pigmentation of the dermis to produce designs that look like makeup. These designs could include eyeshadows and other permanent enhancing colors to the face, lips, and eyelids. People who through sickness like alopecia and chemotherapy (cancer), old age and genetic problems have lost their eyebrows can now get artificial eyebrows thanks to permanent makeup.
'Paramedical' is another form of cosmetic makeup. It is used to disguise scars and white spots like vitiligo in the body. Cosmetic surgeons usually recommend Paramedical treatment for patients who have undergone breast surgery or mastectomy because it aids in enhancing the areola.

Eun Kyung

E.K. has been working with Amiwon Permanent Makeup Los Angeles for 4 years; she has amassed a lot of experience when it comes to permanent makeup. Mrs. JooHee sees her as part of her family. Mrs. JooHee and E.K arae both passionate about permanent makeup and they go through the learning process together. She worked in the modeling industry in South Korea as a short-term model at some point but she worked most in the beauty industry. She has an amazing sense of makeup and she has her beauty culture.
Four years of experience might seem like a really small time, but in the past four years, she has gained a lot of experience that makes her one of the best when it comes to permanent makeup.
E.K is the only one appointed by Mrs. JooHee as Amiwon permanent makeup partner.