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Permanent makeup for Gentleman

When Mrs. JooHee launched her permanent makeup establishment three decades ago, only women were her customers but it wasn't long before she started rendering permanent makeup services to various male actors and models and a good number of men have immensely benefited from this venture of hers.

Men now make up 15% of Mrs. JooHee's customers, which wasn't the case 20 years ago when the men that patronized her were only 3% of her total customers. The rate at which men age increases in their 30s as a result of different kinds of stress and the eyebrows are one of the most prominent when it comes to aging. There are various methods for protecting and preventing your skin and hair from aging, but are the eyebrows to be neglected?

You cannot use the same nutrients for both hair and eyebrows, and losing eyebrow hair is one thing that really bothers most men. Mrs. JooHee recommends Permanent Makeup for Gentleman (PMG) for such men. This PMG is 100% specific to men and very different from that of women. Mrs. JooHee designed this permanent makeup for men alone. There's no doubt that you will greatly benefit from PMG, especially if your job has to do with meeting different people.

Mrs. JooHee is a professional who is very grounded in the knowledge about permanent makeup for men, and you can call her for consultation. If you want to have a direct conversation with her, please book an appointment.